Spring In Park Lane


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One of several features pairing British screen sweethearts Anna Neagle with the ever-popluar Michael , this jaunty 'upstairs-downstairs' romantic comedy could hardly have failed to triumph at the box-office, and Spring In Park Lane would indeed prove the most successful British film of 1948 - it's fairytale scenes and witty reversal of social roles offering cinemagoers a welcome antidote to post-war austerity. The Film, which also mark another major success for Neagle's husband, director Herbert Wilcox.

When Judy Howard arrives at the door of her wealthy Uncle Joshua's residence, she is surprised to be met by Richard, an unfamiliar member of staff. It is obvious to her that Richard is not what he claims to be; cultured; debonair and aristocratic in his manner, he is evidently not accustomed to taking orders 'below stairs'. Who, exactly, is he? And why is he working as a footman in her Uncle's household? Her curiosity piqued, Judy set out to discover...

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