Richard Tauber - Very Best Of 1CD

“During the War years especially, England’s favourite tenor – having starred in Opera roles in Germany moved most successfully into Operetta and popular song and caputured the
hearts of Londoners during the Blitz.”

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01. You are my heart's delight
02. Girls were made to love and kiss
03. O Maiden, my Maiden
04. Du bist meine Sonne
05. Schön ist die Welt
06. Merry Widow Waltz
07. Serenade
08. Patiently Smiling
09. Don't be cross
10. Komm Zigan
11. Roses from the South
12. One day when we were young
13. I'm in love with Vienna
14. Vienna city of my dreams
15. Tales from Vienna woods
16. Nightingale Song
17. Im chambre separée
18. Your love could be everything
19. My heart and I
20. Simple little melody
21. You mean the world to me
22. Pedro the Fisherman
23. Because
24. Goodbye

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