Northern Comedy


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01. Robb Wilton - The Home Guard
02. Robb Wilton - The Munition Worker
03. Billy Russell - On Behalf of the Working Classes
04 - 07. The Stars of “Happidrome” in “Let Me Tell You”
Mr. Lovejoy (Harry Korris), Enoch (Robby Vincent) and Ramsbottom (Cecil Frederick):
04.  The Rain Came Pitter Patter Down
05. When Moaning Minnie Moans No More
06. The Baby In The Flat Up Above
07. Let Me Tell You
08. Frank Randle - The Old Hiker
09. Norman Evans - Joe Ramsbottom Opens A Barber’s Shop
10. Norman Evans - Joe Ramsbottom’s Concert
11. Norman Evans - Over The Garden Wall
12. George Formby - Spotting On Blackpool Tower
13. George Formby - On The Wigan Boat Express
14. George Formby - With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock
15. Al Read - You’re Seeing Too Much Of The Telly
16. Al Read - Our Joe Won’t Be With Us Much Longer
17. Al Read - Our Maggie’s Going To Get Married

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