Ghost Goes West


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39 Steps star Robert Donat takes a dual role as both the ghost of an 18th-century laird and his 20th-century descendant in this witty, delightfully whimsical romantic comedy. Co-starring Jean Parker and king-sized character actor Eugene Pallette, The Ghost Goes West combines the talents of the Kordas with the flair of French fire director Rene Clair (making his British directorial debut), and was Britain's biggest-box office hit for 1936.

Donald Glourie shares his crumbling ancestral home with the ghost of his Highland ancestor, Murdoch, who has been condemned to haunt the castle until he avenges a 200-year-old insult from a rival clan. To clear his mounting debts, Donald sells the dilapdated pile to an American businessman, Mr Martin, who has the castle - complete with the Glourie ghost - transported and rebuilt in Florida. While old-world gentility rubs up comically against 20th-century materialism, Martin's daughter take a liking to both Donald and Murdoch, convinced they are one and the same man...

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